The year 2022, the First ransomware attack which not many are talking about, but we will discuss the schedulefly ransomware attack, Schedulefly is an online cloud-based app that most industries like Hospitals, restaurants, and hotels use Schedulefly app for scheduling the other internal operations. website posted about the ransomware attack over a holiday on January 1st, 2022, two o’clock that it was hit by and cyber-attack and working on resolving these attacks. And also confirmed that the complete data or backups have been completely encrypted by Ransomware and it’s currently unreadable from their end as well.

And as they posted on Jan 2nd, 2022, that the cybersecurity firm is helping them to recover from this attack. Also, schedulefly wants their systems to go down until they find and alternatives to restore their data up and running, and this will impact your business.

The Schedulefly is cloud-based scheduling software specially designed for hotels, restaurants, and Hospitals. The app is used to facilitate communications within the workplaces, whereas the users can use the app via mobile software and PCs. The users can upload the necessary files and documents to the schedulefly databases and share them with other internal employees when required.

Here, the hackers got the complete information of the users of the schedulefly application databases. Even the backup files have been encrypted by the ransomware attack in the cloud platform.

More about Schedulefly application Details:

  • Schedulefly is a Cloud platform that enables to have an overview of the schedule of the employees communication within the restaurant staff internally.
  • Schedulefly has many unique features, including such as:
  • A centralized cloud-based platform:
  • Schedulefly accessible platform allows sharing daily schedules with the employees via the web or as a text message.
  • The platform also continuously updates on important information, such as shift changes or important notes, etc.
  • Schedulefly helps in providing an accurate summary of labor costs which is continuously updating. And also has a transparent database of current and past employees.
  • Schedulefly alerts the people to apply to work at your restaurant and allows to keep track of new applications and resumes of the candidates.

As many people move to the cloud, so they don’t worry about the “security stuff” for security-related issues. So, they rely on companies like schedulefly applications. As many companies moving the cloud platform don’t have to deal with an effort like security measures and do not worry about ransomware attacks. But the actual problem starts when the services like schedulefly have been breached by such ransomware attacks and they might not be available. And hopefully, the schedulefly company is working to recover and data backup and running to operate.

By Michael

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